Introducing… the team behind Meyer Musical Instruments:

erikErik van der Werff: Founder erik.v.d.werff[A]

Guitar amps design and construction has been part of Erik since he reached the age of 16. His ever lasting believe that guitar equipment must be better than what is available on the market has been the driving force since the start of the company in the year 2000.

stefaneversStefan Evers: Business Development stefan.evers[A]

With a long history in business development Stefan combines personal affection with guitars and amplifiers with skills to push a company forward. Straightforward approaches and hands-on mentality are keywords in the way Stefan puts his skills to action.

julianJulian Nales: Marketing & Communication julian.nales[A]

Julian is responsible for the marketing, business vision and internet presentation. Based on personal skills and expertise Julian makes Meyer Amps a well structured company with a great vision.