We believe that the most pure, direct and responsive valve tones are to be found in the most simple circuits, but the real magic is in the fine detail.

Technical construction

For tubes in the pre-amp section we use selected items from JJ Electronics, Electro Harmonix and/or TungSol. Power and rectifier tubes are selected and matchet items of JJ Electronics and/or TAD.

Transformers are the core of a guitar amplifier. Therefore we use only solid and robust transformers and chokes from indisputable qulity. All our amplifiers feature a choke in the power section, simply because it is better than cheap other alternatives.


Our designs begin with an idea or a circuit which can be original or from an outside source. A rough schematic of one or more stages is drawn with first guess component values. Using tube manual or measured data, calculations are performed to verify or adjust the component values. Component values, bias points, power supply voltages, and other parameters are adjusted to optimize the sound.

Selectie-2Different tube types or different output transformers can be tried, and the tweaking repeated. It should be noted that my optimum sound is likely to be different than your optimum sound. There are many variables to consider such as musical preference, speaker type, room size and layout as well as your ears. This is the main reason why an “expert” can not tell you what you need to hear. You must decide for yourself.