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The Meyer Brighton 20 Combo combines two differently voiced channels in a high quality custom amplifier.

Meyer Brighton 20 watt comboWhile the first channel emphasizes on the midrange of your guitar tone, the second channel is voiced for balanced tone with deep lows and sparkling highs. The power stage uses two 6V6GT tubes in the class AB configuration. High quality and custom made transformers contribute largely to the unique tonal character of the Brighton 20. A 5Y3 tube rectifier gives the Brighton its vintage “feel”. By using different pre-amp tube in both channels the Brighton goes beyond the common 2-channel amplifiers, its is more like having two different amplifiers in one compact package.

The Brighton 20 combo is equipped with a Celestion G12H-Anniversary speaker perfectly matching the 20 Watt output power. Alternative Celestion speakers are available on request. The Brighton 20 Combo accepts extension cabinets at 4, 8 and 16 Ω.

The Brighton is a versatile amplifier and feels at home on stage, in the studio or living room.

Pre-amp section ECC832 (12DW7) & 2 x ECC83 (12AX7)
Power amp section 2 x 6V6GC / fixed bias / Class AB
Rectifier: Tube, 5Y3
Power handling: 20W RMS in 4, 8 or 16 Ω
Front side: pilot light, on/off switch, standby switch,
chanel 1: input hi/low, volume, tone,
chanel 2: inpput hi/low, volume, treble, bass
Back side: Mains fuse, mains socket, HT fuse,
impedance control: 4, 8 16 Ω,
two speaker connectors,
Dimensions: 61 x 23 x 53 cm
24,0” x 9,10” x 20,9”
Weight: 21 kg
46 lbs
Speaker: Celestion G12H Anniversary or
Celestion G12M25 Greenback

The Brighton series:

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Brighton 20 head
Brighton 45 head

Brighton 14 combo
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Brighton 45 combo

Brighton 1 x 12 speaker cabinet
Brighton 2 x 12 speaker cabinet

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Retail price:

€ 2.450,00

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Artists currently using the Meyer Brighton 20 COMBO:

Jan Hedriks (Doe Maar)Yassine BelghanchChris Verheijen (Christopher Green)Laurens Huttinga (Thomas Berge)