General description

The Meyer Brighton 2×12 speaker cabinet is build from premium 11-layer plywood to form a very resonant construction. Very punchy and direct tone! The 3-piece-back allows to operate this cabinet as a closed-back as well as an open-back type by just removing or inserting the middle part of the back panel.


The 2×12 cabinet is equipped with a Celestion Vintage 30, Celestion G12H30 Anniversary or G12M65 Creamback speaker. The double speaker cabinet is the perfect partner for the Brighton 45W head or as extension for the Brighton 20W or 45W combo. Other speakers are optional. Also available as a 1×12 version.

Speaker: Celestion G12H Anniversary (Suggested for Brighton 14W and 20W)
Celestion Vintage 30 (Suggested for Brighton 45)
Celestion G12M25 Greenback
Celestion G12M-65
Celestion G12H-75
Impedance 4, 8 or 16 Ω
Dimensions: 76 x 61 x 30.5 cm
30” x 24” x 12”
Weight: 26 kg
57 lbs

The Brighton series:

Brighton 14 head
Brighton 20 head
Brighton 45 head

Brighton 14 combo
Brighton 20 combo
Brighton 45 combo

Brighton 1 x 12 speaker cabinet
> Brighton 2 x 12 speaker cabinet

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Retail price:

€ 1.225,00

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