“…handmade in The Netherlands.”

And we’re proud to say that. Because an all Dutch amp needs all Dutch quality protection that not only looks good, but also is extremely durable.

Our amplifier covers are made of a 3 layer high-quality material. The outside material is a heavy tightly woven nylon fabric. The inside material is a softer but tightly woven nylon.

The inside material is a 7 mm filling foom, glued on both the inside and outside material. Edges are stitched using a heavy nylon material.


Wiring & Cables

For the internal and mains wiring of Meyer products we use Summer Cable. A quality product made in Germany. Because we want you to have the best connection between your gear and amplifiers as possible, we make Summer Cable Guitar Cable available to you. Not only as guitar cable but also as speaker interconnector cables and mains cables.