General description


All amplifiers within the Blackpool series feature a powerful and versatile single channel amplifier with active buffered effects loop. The Blackpool 38 features a power amplifier using 7591 power tubes supplying the speaker a wonderful power output of 38W RMS. The Blackpool 55 features a pair of KT77 power tubes delivering 55W RMS of pure, brute power.

Built using tried-and-tested materials and construction methods, the Blackpool series incorporates several new design features and techniques.

Advanced Gain Control™

When designing the amplifier we put extra effort in the tone balance at different gain levels. The final circuit adapts a system where an increment of the amount of gain simultaneously moves the frequency of a high pass filter for articulation of specific tones before reaching overdrive; the ADC Advanced Gain Control™. This gain control system stresses the mid frequency response at higher gain settings so the low frequencies stay firm and the high frequencies are in control without being too sharp.


Like the Brighton amplifiers both the Blackpool 38 and 55 feature a tube rectifier, a 5U4GC for the Blackpool 38 and a GZ34 for the Blackpool 55, simply because we know it is the best for rectification of the power supply and hence tone.

Effects loop

Both the Blackpool 38 and 55 are equipped with an effect loop. Not just any effect loop but an active buffered loop for delivering a low impedance output signal. With the active buffer there are simply no limitation in the length of the cable to and from the effects in the effects sloop. The returning signal from the effects in the loop is amplified with an dedicated tube amplifier,  boosting the return signal to a level for mixing with the original signal.

The Blackpool series:

Blackpool 38 head
Blackpool 55 head

Blackpool 38 combo
Blackpool 55 combo

Blackpool 2 x 12 speaker cabinet
Blackpool 4 x 12 speaker cabinet

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# channels
RMS power
Output tubes
Output config.
Rectifier tube
Blackpool 38 head 1 38W 7591/6L6GC*/5881* Fixed biased 5U4GB
Blackpool 55 head 1 55W KT77/EL34 Fixedbiased GZ34
Blackpool 38 combo 1 38W 7591/6L6GC*/5881* Fixedbiased 5U4GB 2 x Celestion Vintage 30
Blackpool 55 combo 1 55W KT77/EL34 Fixedbiased GZ34 2 x Celestion Vintage 30

*Substituting the 7591 tubes for 6L6GC or 5881 tubes requier internal modification and is offered without additional charge.