General description of the Brighton series

It all started with the Brighton series amplifiers at Meyer Musical Instruments in the year 2006.

The concept of the Brighton series is build on a construction which has a direct and extremely dynamic response, where only those components are used that really contribute to the tone. All Brighton series amp feature a 2 channel set-up, only sharing the power section. The first channel has a volume and tone control, where the second channel is operated by a volume, treble and bass control. Both channels have a high and low sensitive input, which give you the ability to adapt the guitar output strength to the sensitivity of the amplifier.

Tube rectifiers

All amplifiers of the Brighton series feature tube rectifiers, a EZ81 for the Brighton 14, a 5Y3 for the Brighton 20 and a GZ34 for the Brighton 45, simply because we know it is the best for rectification of the power supply and hence tone.

The Brighton series:

Brighton 14 head
Brighton 20 head
Brighton 45 head

Brighton 14 combo
Brighton 20 combo
Brighton 45 combo

Brighton 1 x 12 speaker cabinet
Brighton 2 x 12 speaker cabinet

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# channels
RMS power
Output tubes
Output config.
Rectifier tube
Brighton 14 head 2 14W EL84 Catode biased EZ81
Brighton 20 head 2 20W 6V6GT Fixedbiased 5Y3GT
Brighton 45 head 2 45W 6L6GC Fixedbiased GZ34
Brighton 14 combo 2 14W EL84 Catode biased EZ81 Celestion G12H Ann.
Brighton 20 combo 2 20W 6V6GT Fixed biased 5Y3 Celestion G12H Ann.
Brighton 45 combo 2 45W 6L6GC Fixed biased GZ34 Celestion V30