Welcome to Jouke Schwarz

We are happy to welcome Jouke Schwarz to the Meyer-amps family. Jouke plays guitar in the band Tentempies and is using a Meyer Brighton 20 combo for amplification.Jouke Schwarz

Jouke is a multi-talented artist. Besides musician Jouke makes paintings, animations and installations of all sorts.

Born 1984 in England to Scottish Dutch parents, Jouke Schwarz was raised in Chile in Latin America. He moved to the Netherlands where he studied Audiovisual Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, graduating in 2011.

Based in Amsterdam, he is a full-time musician and artist.

TenTemPiés is an international collective of musicians based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Their music is a powerful and very dance-able blend of flavors, mixing Latin Rock with Reggae and Ska with an Amsterdam twist.